Fairfax County Reveals One Path to a New Stormwater Ordinance

Follow along as Fairfax County moves forward with plans for their revised stormwater management ordinance. In order to do this, the County is taking a very participatory approach to gather information and feedback that will be used to develop the new ordinance as well as design and construction standards for stormwater control practices.

Stakeholder organizations are invited to designate representatives to participate in small group sessions to provide feedback that will be used to help form recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. Individuals may also self-nominate for the small group work sessions.

The first of these sessions is scheduled for September 24th. More information about the ordinance change, Virginia stormwater law, the Department of Conservation & Recreation’s (DCR) current Virginia Stormwater Management Plans (VSMP) permit process which the County will assume, and a recent presentation by Fairfax County outlining this process can be found here: