DAA Weekly Reading List: Virtual Construction, ENR, Water Savings

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What’s new and noteworthy this week in the engineering and design world? At Draper Aden Associates, we’re following these stories and think you should too!

Virtual Construction Delivers

VC BlogWhen you think of virtual construction you probably think of visually appealing 3D models and laser scans, but there’s so much more! Virtual construction tools are a cost effective way to get exact project specs that let you problem-solve before the first shovel hits the ground. It’s also putting your whole team on the same page with models that are precise. Get even more on virtual construction in this great article by Tim Dean and Dwayne Sellers in Inside Business.




Big Winners

VT Indoor BlogWe’re happy to say we were involved with two of the Best Project Winners for ENR’s Mid Atlantic Region: Best Manufacturing Project-Stone Brewing Co. in Richmond (working with Hourigan Construction) and the Sports/Entertainment Award of Merit for the Virginia Tech Indoor Training Facility in Blacksburg (with W.M. Jordan). See all the winners here!





Reducing Water System Costs

Partner BlogThe Environmental Finance Center at UNC has come out with a great read on reducing costs in water systems by partnering with other systems. Informal Cooperation Agreements, Cooperative Purchasing, and Public-Public Partnerships are three strategies that can keep costs low in your municipality. Get an in-depth look at each option here!





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