DAA Environmental Team Launches Enviro Wiki II

Extensive research over the past 30 years has greatly improved our understanding of various environmental topics. While the results of this work are readily accessible to industry experts and academics, much of this information has not percolated down to the people that actually manage, regulate, and implement projects. This has significantly reduced the benefits of this research and increased the costs of managing environmental liabilities. New approaches are needed to communicate this information to users in a timely and easily-accessible manner.With support from DoD research program ESTCP, Draper Aden’s Environmental team is currently developing  the Environmental (Enviro) Wiki , to communicate more readily accessible, current information on environmental restoration and other important environmental topics including contaminated sediments, natural resources, water and wastewater, air and climate change impacts to a variety of users in a timely and easily accessible fashion. The overall format is similar to Wikipedia with short ‘encyclopedia’ type summaries of current information, with extensive links to reports, project summaries and technical literature.


Internationally recognized experts from academia and industry prepare each article, which then undergoes an extensive review for accuracy and completeness. Major sections of the Enviro Wiki focus on common and emerging contaminants, transport and attenuation processes, characterization and assessment methods, remediation technologies, performance evaluation, regulatory issues, and site and management approaches.


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