Congratulations to Our Newest Shareholders…

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Valerie Grooms, CDA

Valerie says she didn’t choose accounting…it chose her. As a Certified Design Accountant, she has spent 15 years bringing a combination of accuracy, attention to detail, and a common sense approach to the accounting system at Draper Aden Associates. Whether she is delving into the intricacies of the software, pouring over a last minute budget entry, or chasing down an engineer during the billing cycle, Valerie has demonstrated a quality of work that made her an easy choice for Associate selection.

Draper Aden-17C. Tyrus Clayton, Jr., PE

You might say Tyrus grew up in the business with a father as a civil engineer. He traveled with his dad and saw firsthand that engineering was about problem solving…something that Tyrus enjoys. He likes thinking outside the box and as a Senior Project Manager he gets to work on a variety of projects that don’t always have obvious solutions. Tyrus has been solving engineering problems for over 16 years from design to completion. We hope he continues to solve problems for our clients for a long time to come.

Draper Aden-30Andrew Mericle, PE

Andrew Mericle started with the firm in Virginia and is now a mainstay in North Carolina. In the Site Planning and Engineering Division, Andrew is our go-to guy when it comes to our Fisher House projects; free housing to military families while relatives are receiving treatment at military medical centers. Andrew has helped provide site design services related to layout, parking lots, stormwater management, pavement design and more serving Fisher House families from Virginia to Alaska.


Jeff Norman 2 8x10 RGB 300 dpiJeffrey Norman, PG

“I pretty much like everything” is Jeff’s answer to “what is the favorite part of your job?” That’s the kind of attitude that instills confidence in our decision to include him in the future leadership of the firm. With 21 combined years of experience in geotechnical and environmental services, his expertise and efforts help to create a lasting, positive impact. Jeff is proud of the work he does from field sampling and analysis to database management and report writing. We like his attitude and so do our clients.