City of Harrisonburg MS4 Program Support


Harrisonburg, VA

Project Manager(s)
Carolyn Howard, PE, LEED AP

Services Provided
Stormwater Management

Completion Date

Draper Aden Associates is providing MS4 program support to the City of Harrisonburg with the following tasks:

Stormwater Enterprise Fund Feasibility Study: Draper Aden Associates assisted with City staff and the Storm Water Advisory Committee (SWAC) to develop the preferred Level of Services budget, funding and policy options for the City’s stormwater and MS4 programs. We completed a city-wide impervious area delineation, including a database of parcel information to serve as the basis for determining the proposed stormwater utility fee structure and base billing unit.

Stormwater Advisory Committee Meeting Facilitation: Draper Aden Associates is attending and assisting the City with the facilitation of the SWAC meetings.

MS4 Area Delineation: Utilizing the best available information provided by the City and field reconnaissance, we compiled a storm sewer map within the MS4 urbanized area and developed a GIS layer and information for each MS4 outfall, including acreage served, receiving water, and applicable TMDLs.