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sidewalk in Portsmouth Virginia

Going Underground to Upgrade Aging Infrastructure

A historic seaport, Olde Towne in Portsmouth, Virginia is bursting with history. You can experience the history before your eyes as you walk past towering 200-year-old-trees, cobblestone driveways and streets, and historic buildings dating back to the 19th century. History is also lurking beneath your feet. As with many historic places, the City of Portsmouth faced the daunting challenge of evaluating and updating its aging infrastructure, particularly in the city’s oldest areas. ...

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City of Staunton Sewer Assessment

[metaslider id=4777]   Highlights Location Staunton, VA Project Manager(s) Charlie Kreye, PE Services Provided Utilities Engineering DA Underground Completion Date 2015 Draper Aden Associates assisted the City with inspection of their sewage collection system to evaluate the condition and provide them with a more up to date map of their system. Services performed were CCTV Inspection and assessment, including Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) coding, of approximately 60,000 LF of 8-inch through 12-inch sewers within the Buttermilk Springs and West Beverley Sewer Basins. Results of the inspection and assessment were uploaded into the ICOM3 Software and provided to the City.   [wpbgallery id=4781] ...

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Portsmouth Downtown Sewer and Water System

[metaslider id=4428]   Highlights Location Portsmouth, VA Project Manager(s) Victor Valenzuela, PE Services Provided Utilities Engineering DA Underground Completion Date Ongoing This project involved the installation of 10,200 LF of 8-inch to 16-inch diameter gravity sewer, 9,530 LF of 8-inch to 16-inch diameter water main, and 920 LF of 12-inch diameter sanitary force main within a 70 acre portion of Downtown Portsmouth bounded by High Street to the north, Effingham Street to the west, South Street to the south, and Water Street to the east. The land use in the project area is heavily developed with mostly commercial properties and City of Portsmouth buildings. In addition to being the designers for the project, Draper Aden Associates provided program management services during the design and construction phases of the project. As part of these services Draper Aden Associates provided detailed construction sequencing plans, construction phasing schedules, and alternative access options for property owners. We also assisted the City...

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Coyner Spring Water Treatment Facility

[metaslider id=4417]   Highlights Location Waynesboro, VA Project Manager(s) Carolyn Howard, PE, LEED AP Services Provided Utilities Engineering Surveying/Scanning Site Planning and Engineering Structural Engineering Completion Date 2014 The City’s primary drinking water source, Coyner Spring, was determined to be groundwater under the influence of surface water. First, we developed a plan for emergency usage of the spring by pre-chlorinating the spring box in order to obtain adequate CT. We assisted with equipment selection and prepared a Request for Proposals for solicitation of microfiltration or ultrafiltration membrane treatment equipment, and participated in the review of those proposals. After selection of equipment, we began design of a 6.0 MGD water treatment facility for the City. The work included upgrades to the source water pumps, a new 11,000 square foot building for water treatment and operations, layout of the membrane treatment pumps, filter skids, and chemical cleaning equipment, chlorination and fluoridation equipment, a 1.0 million gallon clearwell, finished water...

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Blue Ridge Farms Water and Storm Drainage

[metaslider id=4401]   Highlights Location Lynchburg, VA Project Manager(s) Carolyn Howard, PE, LEED AP Services Provided Utilities Engineering Surveying/Scanning Completion Date 2014 Draper Aden Associates completed a preliminary engineering report (PER) with analysis of and recommendations for improvements to the existing public storm system, consisting of pipes, channels, and streams, within the Blue Ridge Farms subdivision. Our services include a field survey to locate, a capacity analysis of, and a condition assessment of storm drainage system assets as well as development of an evaluation matrix and opinions of probable construction costs for recommended improvements. The City is implementing the proposed improvements with City maintenance crews and contractors.   [wpbgallery id=4406] ...

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Pulaski Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

[metaslider id=4396]   Highlights Location Pulaski, VA Project Manager(s) Charlie Kreye, PE Services Provided Utilities Engineering Surveying/Scanning Grant/Funding Assistance Completion Date 2014 Based on a Water Treatment Plant Evaluation and Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) conducted by Draper Aden Associates, the Town of Pulaski retained Draper Aden Associates to design recommended upgrades to the Town’s 4.0 MGD Water Treatment Plant. The original plant was constructed in 1951 and a prior upgrade was completed in 1989. Although the 1989 upgrade modernized certain portions of the plant, much of the original equipment remained in place. The PER recommended replacement of raw water and finished water pump systems, installation of emergency generators at the raw water pump station and at the plant, new chemical feed equipment and control systems, replacement of valves and piping in the filter gallery and a sludge dewatering facility. During design, the scope of work for the sludge dewatering was scaled back and filter media replacement...

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