Stormwater Management

William and Mary Stormwater Master Plan

[metaslider id=4836]   Highlights Location Williamsburg, VA Project Manager(s) Charlie Kreye, PE Services Provided Stormwater Management Site Development and Infrastructure Completion Date Ongoing Draper Aden Associates is currently providing civil engineering services associated with stormwater issues at the College of William and Mary on their 1,200-acre campus. As an institution with plans for future buildings and an MS4 permit holder, the College is facing both changes in the stormwater regulations for new development and the implementation of Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) allocations. Work includes a presentation concerning stormwater issues facing the College, coordination with DEQ personnel, definition of the MS4 service area, identification of applicable TMDLs, and calculation of Chesapeake Bay TMDL Waste Load Allocations. Also included is coordination with surrounding localities and the creation of a Stormwater Master Plan to guide both future development for the next 25 years and the creation of a phased compliance plan for meeting TMDL requirements for reductions in nitrogen, phosphorus, Total Suspended...

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Virginia Tech Indoor Athletic Training Facility

[metaslider id=4199]   Highlights Location Blacksburg, VA Project Manager(s) Charlie Kreye, PE Services Provided DA Athletics Site Development and Infrastructure Stormwater Management Surveying/Scanning Completion Date 2014 As a subconsultant to HKS Architects, Draper Aden Associates provided survey and site planning and engineering services including grading, erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, and utilities engineering for the new Indoor Practice Facility.  The completed Virginia Tech Indoor Athletic Training Facility provides a full-sized, indoor NCAA regulation football field for the university’s football program and is suitable for other athletic programs including soccer and lacrosse. Support spaces and features include storage, convenience restrooms, videography platforms and audio / video systems. The Virginia Tech ITAF is constructed as a “punt facility” which provides 88-feet clear space along the mid-field axis and 72-feet clear along the sidelines.  Additionally, Draper Aden provided construction phase service including subsurface utilities location, construction stake-out and site/civil site observation. [wpbgallery id=4206] ...

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Emory and Henry Stream Stabilization

[metaslider id=4334]   Highlights Location Emory, VA Project Manager(s) Carolyn Howard, PE, LEED AP Services Provided Environmental Engineering Stormwater Management Completion Date 2014 Located in Southwest Virginia, Emory and Henry College (EHC), a small private college whose entire campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is home to the Hall Creek basin, part of the Holston River Watershed. Since the college’s founding in 1836, Hall Creek has experienced an increase in periodic flooding and erosion associated with the increased development of the college campus and concurrent changes in land use. Given that Hall Creek runs through the central portion of campus, it impacts numerous campus facilities, and is itself impacted by storm water runoff from adjacent parking lots, road culverts, sidewalks and multiple athletic fields. Draper Aden Associates utilized several unique and innovative design approaches in the stabilization of the stream banks. First and foremost, Draper Aden Associates incorporated the use of specific natural channel design and re-directive techniques to...

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Public Utility Company Solar Farm

[metaslider id=5229]   Highlights Location Accomack County, VA Project Manager(s) Charlie Kreye, PE Services Provided Construction Materials Testing Site Development and Infrastructure Surveying/Scanning Stormwater Management Completion Date 2016 A Public Utility Company in Virginia acquired an 80-megawatt solar generation project developed and owned by Community Energy on the Eastern Shore in Virginia. Formally known as Amazon Solar Farm US East, this project will be the first of its kind in Virginia and will be the largest solar facility in the Mid-Atlantic. Located on the Delmarva Peninsula in Accomack County, the nearly 1,000 acre solar farm will use 250,000 solar panels and generate enough electricity to power about 15,000 homes in a year. This solar project was the first approved under Virginia's permit by rule process for renewable energy projects under 100 megawatts. Once completed, the energy generated will be put onto the electrical grids that supply current and future Amazon Web Services data centers in the central and eastern US. Working...

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City of Harrisonburg MS4 Program Support

[metaslider id=4169]   Highlights Location Harrisonburg, VA Project Manager(s) Carolyn Howard, PE, LEED AP Services Provided Stormwater Management Completion Date Ongoing Draper Aden Associates is providing MS4 program support to the City of Harrisonburg with the following tasks: Stormwater Enterprise Fund Feasibility Study: Draper Aden Associates assisted with City staff and the Storm Water Advisory Committee (SWAC) to develop the preferred Level of Services budget, funding and policy options for the City’s stormwater and MS4 programs. We completed a city-wide impervious area delineation, including a database of parcel information to serve as the basis for determining the proposed stormwater utility fee structure and base billing unit. Stormwater Advisory Committee Meeting Facilitation: Draper Aden Associates is attending and assisting the City with the facilitation of the SWAC meetings. MS4 Area Delineation: Utilizing the best available information provided by the City and field reconnaissance, we compiled a storm sewer map within the MS4 urbanized area and developed a GIS layer and information for each MS4 outfall,...

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