Bedrock Mapping Study

[metaslider id=6031]   Highlights Location Virginia Project Manager(s) Ted Dean, PG Services Provided Geophysics A proposed truck stop was located on limestone bedrock, which is known for karst development. Moreover, bedrock outcrops were observed at several locations on the site raising concerns over shallow bedrock. Resistivity imaging was collected in parallel lines oriented perpendicular to the strike of the geologic bedding. The bedrock surface on the resistivity sections was interpreted as the abrupt transition between low-resistivity soils and high-resistivity rock. [wpbgallery id=6024] ...

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Abandoned Coal Mine Investigation

[metaslider id=6009]   Highlights Location Valley and Ridge Province Project Manager(s) Ted Dean, PG Services Provided Geophysics A municipal landfill located in the Valley and Ridge Province encountered an air shaft in a coal bed while constructing part of a landfill cell. Subsequent investigations revealed the opening to an abandoned mine in a draw to the north of the cell. The dip of the strata was toward the cell, raising concerns about potential mined areas beneath the cell. DAA (formerly ATS) was retained to perform geologic mapping and geophysical analysis to determine the extents of the mine beneath the landfill cell. [wpbgallery id=6013] ...

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