Energy Market

Public Utility Company– Electric Distribution Underground

[metaslider id=4812]   Highlights Location Various Locations, VA Project Manager(s) Charlie Kreye, PE Services Provided Site Development and Infrastructure Surveying/Scanning Completion Date Ongoing Placing certain overhead distribution lines underground helps to improve the reliability of electric service and shorten restoration times following weather events. Draper Aden Associates, acting as a public utility company’s representative, visits the proposed project area to collect information along the proposed project route to confirm that the preliminary route plan is feasible. From that plan we draft easement plats to coincide with the proposed route for the new underground lines. Using the collected field data, the overhead removal plans are developed and the underground design plan begins. We also work closely with the right-of-way procurement team at Willbros to negotiate with homeowners the placement of above ground equipment. When the plans are completed they go through an extensive quality control using checklists we developed before being sent to the utility partner for...

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Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) Westport to Wilkens Cable

[metaslider id=5285]   Highlights Location Baltimore, MD Project Manager(s) Ken Piazza, Jr, PE Services Provided Construction Materials Testing Completion Date 2016 Willbros T&D East is contracted to install a new underground duct bank system, including all related civil works and restoration, for the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company’s (BGE), Westport to Wilkens 115 kVXLPE Underground Cable Project. The project consists of installation of a 115 kV Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) cable system by means of a concrete encased duct bank for an underground transmission line which is approximately 2.3 miles long and will terminate at new structures in the Wilkens Avenue Substation and the existing Westport Substation. As a subcontractor, Draper Aden Associate is contracted to provide the following: Construction Phase Site Quality Control (QC) Services: The QC services will include field observation, reporting soil compaction (Standard Proctor and Soil Classification) and concrete (Compression Strength) testing. Construction Phase Surveying Service: The surveying services will include establishing vertical and horizontal control along the proposed...

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Public Utility Company Solar Farm

[metaslider id=5229]   Highlights Location Accomack County, VA Project Manager(s) Charlie Kreye, PE Services Provided Construction Materials Testing Site Development and Infrastructure Surveying/Scanning Stormwater Management Completion Date 2016 A Public Utility Company in Virginia acquired an 80-megawatt solar generation project developed and owned by Community Energy on the Eastern Shore in Virginia. Formally known as Amazon Solar Farm US East, this project will be the first of its kind in Virginia and will be the largest solar facility in the Mid-Atlantic. Located on the Delmarva Peninsula in Accomack County, the nearly 1,000 acre solar farm will use 250,000 solar panels and generate enough electricity to power about 15,000 homes in a year. This solar project was the first approved under Virginia's permit by rule process for renewable energy projects under 100 megawatts. Once completed, the energy generated will be put onto the electrical grids that supply current and future Amazon Web Services data centers in the central and eastern US. Working...

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American Electric Glen Lyn Pond

[metaslider id=4773]   Highlights Location Glen Lyn, VA Project Manager(s) Lindsay Weiford Services Provided Geotechnical Engineering Construction Materials Testing Completion Date 2014 Draper Aden Associates provided Construction Quality Assurance for a 12-acre closure for a fly ash holding basin involving preparation of subgrade soils, installation of 30-mil PVC liner -Geocomposite, and placement of protective cover soils. The project also included very sensitive erosion and sediment control measures due to the proximity of the new river and the fly ash. Additional services included surveying and final closure plat.   [wpbgallery id=4768] ...

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Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO)

[metaslider id=4755]   Highlights Location Charles County, MD Project Manager(s) Ken Piazza, Jr, PE Services Provided Geotechnical Engineering Construction Materials Testing Completion Date 2014 Draper Aden Associates Geotechnical and Construction Services Division performed Quality Control and Inspection services for the SMECO Southern Maryland Reliability Project. The project consists of the construction and installation of a 230 kV underground transmission line running from the NRC riser location to the Town Creek riser location. Our services included earthwork inspections relating to subgrade strength verification, field density testing of general site earthwork as well as utility line backfill. We also performed testing and inspection of concrete and flowable thermal backfill (FTB) including reinforcing steel inspection and verification, concrete placement and compressive strength testing. We also provided the laboratory services for any earthwork or concrete testing that was required.   [wpbgallery id=4759] ...

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