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A Lasting, Positive Impact Through Economic Development

Creating a lasting, positive impact is more than a mission statement for us, it’s at the very core of what we do at Draper Aden Associates. It’s always fulfilling to know that our talented team members leave enduring effects in our local communities. A great example of Draper Aden assisting the community is in the economic development space. Economic development is so important because it helps identify sites that will bring new investment and jobs to a region or local community. Draper Aden’s comprehensive knowledge of local conditions, processes, and requirements allows us to provide localities, land owners, and regional service providers with an overall “big picture” on the success of their land preparation and development. Most recently, Draper Aden has assisted both the Bath County Economic Development Authority and the Fluvanna County Economic Development Authority. Carolyn Howard, PE, Site Development and Infrastructure Vice President and Regional Manager, and Deborah Flippo, Economic...

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DAA at Virginia Brownfields Conference

DAA will be at The Virginia Brownfields Conference this week sharing one of our favorite success stories! There will be a session in this year’s conference, held in Fredericksburg on March 15-16, that targets small communities who are just beginning their redevelopment journeys. Dr. John White, Town of Pulaski Economic Development Director and Lori Kroll, DAA Community Resources Specialist will present the Town’s experiences during the “Synergize- Brownfields Planning, Grant Layering and Leveraging” session on Thursday. Two EPA Community-Wide Brownfields Assessment Grants in 2009 and 2014 sparked the Town of Pulaski’s reinvention of itself. John and Lori’s session will explore the keys to successful community revitalization, including a group of dedicated champions who have cultivated multiple leveraging opportunities and partnerships, layered with community planning and a long-term vision of a new economic paradigm. Stimulated by its brownfields program, the Town is realizing a true renaissance and quickly becoming a regional destination, strengthened by new...

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2017 VA Economic Development Legislation

Keep up with all of 2017's Legislation Concerning Economic Development Issues from the Virginia General Assembly. The following is a representative list of the major pieces of legislation dealing with environmental concerns that were considered in the Virginia General Assembly during the regular 2017 session. This publication reflects the status of these bills as of the end of the regular session. Read the Economic Development Legislation here.   *This post was updated on March 1, 2017...

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Pulaski Brownfields: A Success Story

The Pulaski Brownfields project is one of our favorite examples of leaving a “Lasting Positive Impact”. Beginning in 2008, this project has brought about an exciting rejuvenation for the community. The Town envisioned developing economically challenged commercial areas into usable public, commercial, and/or residential space to encourage active sustainable reuse. With the help of DAA, a $200,000 EPA Assessment Grant was awarded and provided funds to inventory, characterize, and assess properties, and plan redevelopment of the brownfields sites. Recently, we sat down with some key players in the project to get the full story and what it all means to them. Take a look to see all the big things happening in Pulaski! Contributors: John White, Economic Development Director, Town of Pulaski Shawn Utt, Manager, Town of Pulaski Peggy White, Executive Director, Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce Lori Kroll, Community Resource Specialist, Draper Aden Associates...

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Alpha-to-Omega Service

“Draper Aden Associates has provided engineering and environmental services for industrial sites for many years, but now we’re crafting a strategy for a holistic, Alpha-to-Omega service for our clients trying to grow their local economy or their business,” said Deborah K. Flippo. “I am extremely excited at this opportunity to focus my efforts on serving local, regional, and state economic developers and those in the build industry.” This was in response to her newly appointed position as Economic Development Program Manager at DAA. Her enthusiasm, background of experience, and knowledge of the public sector scene has allowed her to hit the ground running in this new role. Deborah has been a part of the evolution of the engineering business development and marketing industry for 24 years and has contributed as Business Development and Marketing Manager with DAA for the past 12 years. As an active member since 2010, and now president of the...

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Innovative Engineering with an Impact

These days DAA is making the news all over Virginia. Most notably was this past Monday when we were featured in the November issue of Valley Business FRONT in the article Innovative engineering with an impact. The article features one of our most notable new projects done for the Town of Pulaski. With the help of Lori Kroll, DAA Community Resource Specialist, and the DAA Environmental Team, the Town was able to win a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, leading to renewed interest in redevelopment of the Town’s Brownfield sites. John White, Pulaski Economic Development Director, said that the site of the new Jackson Park Inn and Conference Center was “magically transformed” from its previous state. White later held his 50th high school reunion in that very spot because of what he called the “wow factor”. For the class of 1965 and the classes to come, DAA is happy to continue...

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Short Pump Cabela’s Construction On Target

Set to open in March 2016, central Virginia's first Cabela's construction is on target.  Located in the West Broad Marketplace shopping center in Short Pump, the outfitter superstore will feature hunting, boating, fishing, camping, and other related outdoor gear to the Richmond metro area. Kevin Espiritu (DAA-Richmond), along with two survey crews, is currently providing survey layout for construction on the retailer.  Working withL.F. Jennings and Liesfeld Contracting on the site, Draper Aden Associates is surveying the building, column lines, curbs and gutters, and utilities--essentially everything that is needed to lay the groundmap for construction to go forward as planned.  All-in-all, the 61 acre development will be anchored by Cabela's and Wegmans, with 22-25 other retailers and restaurants signing leases on space within the shopping center.  With neighboring Broad Hill Centre's 166 condominium units and 78 town houses, this area of West Richmond is proving to be a powerhouse of mixed-use development and economic rejuvenation....

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Lynchburg Wins 2015 EPA Brownfields Assessment Grants

[caption id="attachment_3496" align="alignnone" width="600"] The Midtown neighborhood is a tree-lined, historic area in Lynchburg, Virginia.[/caption] On May 28, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced 147 recipients of over $5.3 million in FY15 brownfields assessment and cleanup grants. Only one North Carolina and four Virginia localities received assessment grant funding this year, and two municipalities that Draper Aden Associates worked with to write and file grant applications were winners—Lynchburg, Virginia, and Princeton, North Carolina. Over the next two weeks, we will highlight each of these successful EPA brownfields assessment grants and explore what each locality hopes to accomplish with their funding. A city heralded in the 19th century as the “Pittsburgh of the South,” Lynchburg was once one of the wealthiest cities in the United States per capita. Industry and invention led the city towards boom, but that same industry eventually fizzled and left large chunks of the city abandoned and in disrepair....

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From Brown to Green: Pulaski’s Brownfields Revitalization Program

This past month, The Washington Post ran an article on Pulaski County, Virginia, asking “Can rural America be saved?” In it, Libby Sander profiles John White, Economic Development Director, of the Town of Pulaski and details some of the struggles he faces with revitalizing the formerly booming industrial town. [caption id="attachment_3135" align="alignright" width="300"] Calfee Park. Photo Credit:[/caption] But it’s not all toil and trouble—the Town has attracted a range of new neighbors from industry to mixed-use development to the Pulaski Yankees, an advanced Rookie team whose investors are building out the Dunnivant Building into an extended stay facility for the team. Much of the investment in Pulaski’s future, however, would not have been possible without the Town’s successful application for USEPA Brownfields Assessment Grants in 2009 and 2014—a grant program totaling $400,000 that Draper Aden Associates applied for on behalf of the Town—as well as Draper Aden Associates’ completion of numerous...

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