UVA Grounds-Wide Utility Marking

[metaslider id=4792]   Highlights Location Charlottesville, VA Project Manager(s) John Robertson, PE Services Provided Subsurface Utility Engineering Surveying/Scanning DA Underground Completion Date Ongoing Starting in April of 2012, Draper Aden Associates began marking all of the existing utilities associated with Miss Utility marking tickets (roughly 10-20/week). DAA monitors the on-call system, marks underground utilities as needed, and codes the ticket for the positive response. We also document our marking by collecting our designations using sub-foot handheld GPS which UVA utilizes to check and update their GIS. Through the use of surface geophysical tools, including electromagnetic radio frequency, ground penetrating radar, and RFID marker balls combined with sub-foot handheld GPS, we are able to provide University of Virginia with valuable information to numerous departments across UVA including Facilities Management; Energy & Utilities; Facilities Planning & Construction; the Office of the Architect; and Space & Real Estate Management for planning, operational, and budgeting purposes. With the subsurface utility information collected, through...

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City of Staunton Sewer Assessment

[metaslider id=4777]   Highlights Location Staunton, VA Project Manager(s) Charlie Kreye, PE Services Provided Utilities Engineering DA Underground Completion Date 2015 Draper Aden Associates assisted the City with inspection of their sewage collection system to evaluate the condition and provide them with a more up to date map of their system. Services performed were CCTV Inspection and assessment, including Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) coding, of approximately 60,000 LF of 8-inch through 12-inch sewers within the Buttermilk Springs and West Beverley Sewer Basins. Results of the inspection and assessment were uploaded into the ICOM3 Software and provided to the City.   [wpbgallery id=4781] ...

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Portsmouth Downtown Sewer and Water System

[metaslider id=4428]   Highlights Location Portsmouth, VA Project Manager(s) Victor Valenzuela, PE Services Provided Utilities Engineering DA Underground Completion Date Ongoing This project involved the installation of 10,200 LF of 8-inch to 16-inch diameter gravity sewer, 9,530 LF of 8-inch to 16-inch diameter water main, and 920 LF of 12-inch diameter sanitary force main within a 70 acre portion of Downtown Portsmouth bounded by High Street to the north, Effingham Street to the west, South Street to the south, and Water Street to the east. The land use in the project area is heavily developed with mostly commercial properties and City of Portsmouth buildings. In addition to being the designers for the project, Draper Aden Associates provided program management services during the design and construction phases of the project. As part of these services Draper Aden Associates provided detailed construction sequencing plans, construction phasing schedules, and alternative access options for property owners. We also assisted the City...

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