Draper Aden Contractor Assist

Bedrock Mapping Study

[metaslider id=6031]   Highlights Location Virginia Project Manager(s) Ted Dean, PG Services Provided Geophysics A proposed truck stop was located on limestone bedrock, which is known for karst development. Moreover, bedrock outcrops were observed at several locations on the site raising concerns over shallow bedrock. Resistivity imaging was collected in parallel lines oriented perpendicular to the strike of the geologic bedding. The bedrock surface on the resistivity sections was interpreted as the abrupt transition between low-resistivity soils and high-resistivity rock. [wpbgallery id=6024] ...

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Virginia Tech Indoor Athletic Training Facility

[metaslider id=4199]   Highlights Location Blacksburg, VA Project Manager(s) Charlie Kreye, PE Services Provided DA Athletics Site Development and Infrastructure Stormwater Management Surveying/Scanning Completion Date 2014 As a subconsultant to HKS Architects, Draper Aden Associates provided survey and site planning and engineering services including grading, erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, and utilities engineering for the new Indoor Practice Facility.  The completed Virginia Tech Indoor Athletic Training Facility provides a full-sized, indoor NCAA regulation football field for the university’s football program and is suitable for other athletic programs including soccer and lacrosse. Support spaces and features include storage, convenience restrooms, videography platforms and audio / video systems. The Virginia Tech ITAF is constructed as a “punt facility” which provides 88-feet clear space along the mid-field axis and 72-feet clear along the sidelines.  Additionally, Draper Aden provided construction phase service including subsurface utilities location, construction stake-out and site/civil site observation. [wpbgallery id=4206] ...

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Plains All American Yorktown Terminal

[metaslider id=4975]   Highlights Location Yorktown, VA Project Manager(s) Lee White, LS Services Provided Surveying/Scanning Subsurface Utility Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Site Development and Infrastructure Completion Date 2015 The Yorktown Terminal unloading facility project area is located on 650 acres of industrial land formerly known as Yorktown Refinery. Draper Aden Associates (DAA) has been heavily involved in providing surveying and engineering services as part of the $110 million dollar expansion. The construction of 34,000 LF of new railroad and a 104 unit train unloading facility has allowed DAA to perform Subsurface Utility Engineering, test holes, courthouse research, geodetic control, topographic surveying, near-shore bathymetric surveys, pipe modeling from 3D laser scanning, machine control modeling, easement plats, wetland location, construction stakeout and as-builts. DAA also provided site planning and civil engineering services to assist the project team in obtaining approvals from York County, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for project approvals to construct the proposed site improvements. The project and facility improvements...

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Virginia State Capitol

[metaslider id=4449]   Highlights Location Richmond, VA Project Manager(s) Charlie Kreye, PE Services Provided Site Development and Infrastructure Subsurface Utility Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Environmental Engineering Utilities Engineering Construction Materials Testing Completion Date 2007 Draper Aden Associates was part of the design team for the planning and design of the complete renovation to the Virginia State Capitol and surrounding Capitol Square. The design completely replaced the existing building systems, added a 27,000 square foot building extension, related infrastructure and landscape improvements in Capitol Square. The project was designed to meet current programming needs, addressed the 2007 statewide celebration plans, and extended the useful life of the historic Virginia State Capitol. Draper Aden Associates assembled complete base mapping for the Capitol Square, including some subsurface utility verification and supplemental ground surveys. We conducted a hydrogeologic study to determine anticipated impacts of groundwater and conducted a geotechnical study that included subsurface investigation, materials testing, and engineering consultation for the structural designs. We...

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