Building Better Communities

Structural Engineering Division Manager Dave Spriggs is embodying our vision of leaving a lasting, positive impact through his volunteer efforts with the Richmond Chapter of the American Institute for Architects (AIA).


Currently, Spriggs is working on a housing design for Habitat for Humanity with a group of fellow Richmond AIA members. The goal is to design a 2-story prototype house to be built on approximately 120 sites in the Richmond Metro Area.  A few key elements of this design challenge are economy and ease of construction as well as durability and energy efficiency.


The design team for this project includes Ashleigh Brewer, Paul Herman, and Rachel Peterson from Glavé & Holmes and Lauren Sughrue. This team began work in February. As the structural engineer, Spriggs provides the “reality check” on their designs and offers ideas related to the building’s structure.


Once the team finalizes the design and Habitat for Humanity approves it, the design will be used across central Virginia to create affordable housing for the local families. The design and creation of affordable homes will leave a lasting, positive impact on these families and the communities for years to come.

Images courtesy of the AIA Richmond Design Team