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A Thanksgiving Message

This year has solidified for me, as it has for many of us, that the only constant is change. Thanksgiving 2020 is certainly no exception to this rule. Despite the challenges we have all faced this year, I’m taking this Thanksgiving to reflect on all that I am grateful for, both for myself and for our company. ...

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An Introduction to PFAS

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are anthropogenic chemical compounds used in myriad manufacturing processes and are commonly found in consumer and industrial goods such as anti-stick coatings, water repellents, and fire suppressants. PFAS chemicals makeup render this family of compounds highly useful in everyday products but also makes them persistent in the environment when released....

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PCB Pollutant Minimization Plans

With increasing knowledge of the harmful health effects of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), state agencies are beginning to incorporate PCB requirements into permits. In Virginia, Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) permit reissuances for both Individual and Industrial Stormwater General Permits have included requirements for some facilities to develop and implement a PCB Pollutant Minimization Plan (PMP). ...

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FEMA Disaster Funding Requires Proactive Stormwater Action

“Securing FEMA resources for water control repairs and improvements requires both diligence after a disaster and proactive preparation in advance of a disaster,” Burnette says. Most localities understand the importance of carefully following FEMA guidelines. Yet, for localities that haven’t applied for FEMA funding in recent years, it’s crucial that they familiarize themselves with the agency’s new delivery model. The ways in which FEMA wants information packaged and delivered has changed. It’s wise to review this process before disaster strikes or partner with a consultant that has experience with the new delivery model. ...

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Going Underground to Upgrade Aging Infrastructure

A historic seaport, Olde Towne in Portsmouth, Virginia is bursting with history. You can experience the history before your eyes as you walk past towering 200-year-old-trees, cobblestone driveways and streets, and historic buildings dating back to the 19th century. History is also lurking beneath your feet. As with many historic places, the City of Portsmouth faced the daunting challenge of evaluating and updating its aging infrastructure, particularly in the city’s oldest areas. ...

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Scanning and Structural Innovations Yield Significant Savings

At Draper Aden Associates, leaving a lasting, positive impact isn’t just about improving the communities we serve. We also reach that enduring goal by helping clients achieve their vision using cost effective solutions. When we can help clients deliver their project on time and on budget or under budget, we’re making future investments in their communities more likely to happen. ...

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