Author: Jeff Lighthiser

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An Engineer’s Perspective on the Covid-19 Pandemic

As I see images of and hear about doctors and nurses that are struggling in the face of fighting this pandemic, I find myself grateful not to be in their shoes. Hopefully, their intensive training about human care has included ways for them to cope with the mental challenges both they and their patients are facing. Even with that training, that can’t possibly have prepared them for the pandemic we are facing now. My heart goes out to each and every one of them....

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Collaboration in the time of Covid-19

At Draper Aden Associates, we believe so strongly in the power of collaboration that it is one of our core values.   As we've all seen our way of life change, it would be easy to feel defeated and bury our heads in the sand. But across the board, both personally and professionally, I've seen people reaching out to each other: colleagues collaborating on projects, neighbors checking in on each other, and old friends playing virtual games. It has reminded me that human nature is to connect, to collaborate.   That need to connect has led my team to collaborate more intentionally than ever before. We're on video conferences daily to discuss the changing landscape, how to support our employees, and how to help each other. At every level, our employees are communicating with their teams about their workload, concerns, and victories. After work, our employees are sewing masks for healthcare workers, making financial...

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9 Tips for Adapting to Life during a Crisis

It's hard for me to believe that the “issues” I was dealing with last week at this time seem insignificant today. I’m grateful to say that here at Draper Aden Associates, we’ve adapted nicely to our new reality. In the midst of this crisis, here are some tips a friend shared that I’ve found helpful.   1.   Find something to be grateful for every day. There are plenty of things to be thankful for still. 2.   Confront the brutal truth but never give up hope. 3.   Pray or meditate – when you pray or meditate on something, you might be surprised by the ideas or answers that appear to a calm mind. 4.   Try journaling – write down the things that you are carrying in your mind or on your heart. It eases the burden of that weight. 5.   Exercise – even a simple walk does wonders. 6.   Invest in your relationships, even if it is only virtually. 7.   When things feel like they are...

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