Arlington Becomes First Municipality in Virginia to Receive MS4 Permit With Quantitative Pollution Reduction Requirements To Clean Up Chesapeake Bay

Arlington County LogoAfter much discussion and negotiations with the EPA, Arlington’s County’s MS4 permit was reissued on June 26th. This new permit requires pollutant reductions of 5% by mid-2013. This permit will be the basis of other MS4 permits within the Commonwealth.

Read details about Arlington County’s permit approval on the County’s web site at:

It should be noted that for future permit cycles, Arlington will need to decrease its share of the Bay TMDL pollutant reductions by an additional 35 percent (2018-2023 permit cycle) and 60 percent (2023-2028 permit cycle).  This will require the County to increase its investment and implementation efforts to keep up with these pollution reduction requirements. Arlington County has been taking numerous steps to stay in front of Chesapeake Bay TMDL reduction.