Alpha-to-Omega Service

FlippoBlog“Draper Aden Associates has provided engineering and environmental services for industrial sites for many years, but now we’re crafting a strategy for a holistic, Alpha-to-Omega service for our clients trying to grow their local economy or their business,” said Deborah K. Flippo. “I am extremely excited at this opportunity to focus my efforts on serving local, regional, and state economic
developers and those in the build industry.”

This was in response to her newly appointed position as Economic Development Program Manager at DAA. Her enthusiasm, background of experience, and knowledge of the public sector scene has allowed her to hit the ground running in this new role.

Deborah has been a part of the evolution of the engineering business development and marketing industry for 24 years and has contributed as Business Development and Marketing Manager with DAA for the past 12 years. As an active member since 2010, and now president of the Virginia Economic Developers Association, she has worked with the state legislature to ensure the growth of Virginia’s economy and now will broaden her reach to North Carolina as well.

Alpha-to-Omega service. DAA has always offered comprehensive engineering and environmental services as a from-start-to-finish firm. Adding economic development to this philosophy just makes sense.