9 Tips for Adapting to Life during a Crisis

It’s hard for me to believe that the “issues” I was dealing with last week at this time seem insignificant today. I’m grateful to say that here at Draper Aden Associates, we’ve adapted nicely to our new reality. In the midst of this crisis, here are some tips a friend shared that I’ve found helpful.


1.   Find something to be grateful for every day. There are plenty of things to be thankful for still.

2.   Confront the brutal truth but never give up hope.

3.   Pray or meditate – when you pray or meditate on something, you might be surprised by the ideas or answers that appear to a calm mind.

4.   Try journaling – write down the things that you are carrying in your mind or on your heart. It eases the burden of that weight.

5.   Exercise – even a simple walk does wonders.

6.   Invest in your relationships, even if it is only virtually.

7.   When things feel like they are out of control, focus on the things that you can control.

8.   Do not dwell on yesterday but look toward your next step.

9.   Focus on others and on the bigger picture. This gives purpose to your work and keeps your mind off your own situation.


These are some tall orders, but if one or two of these ideas help you, I’m glad. Keep your heads up, your hands clean, your health strong, and have a virtual happy hour with your friends!