5 Tips for Working From Home

Here at Draper Aden, we’re fortunate that our office staff was able to seamlessly transition to working from home at the drop of the hat. Although our technological infrastructure was prepared for this sudden change, our team has worked diligently to adjust to the telecommute. Over the last couple of weeks, here are some tips that have helped us stay productive in our new home offices.


1. Knock out Small Tasks First

For our checklist-loving staff, crossing off the small tasks on their list helps them find the rhythm of the workday. You can then dedicate the rest of the day to the longer, ongoing projects.


2. Control the Thermostat

In almost any work environment, the temperature of the space is an everyday discussion, whether it’s too cold or not cool enough. At home, you have the option of setting that thermostat to a temperature that suits you.


3. Dress for Success

If working in your pajamas works for you, fantastic! If you’re still struggling to feel professional from your kitchen table, try getting dressed as if you’re going into the office. Bonus: you’ll be ready for any video calls!


4. Get Outside

Once every few hours, step outside for a few minutes, even if you don’t walk anywhere. The fresh air can reinvigorate you, and it gives your eyes a break from constant screen time.


5. Schedule your Lunch

Instead of working until your stomach growls, plan what time you’ll take a break to eat. You can do this just for lunch or add in coffee and snack breaks, too. It gives you something to look forward to and helps you set time chunks for straight work.