3D Laser Scan: Virginia Tech’s Indoor Practice Facility

Last week, Bob Bonk (DAA-Richmond) performed a complete indoor and outdoor 3D scan of the brand new Virginia Tech Indoor Practice Facility. Using point butt technology, the 3D scan created a true-scale 3D record of the existing conditions of the new facility. This scan will allow Virginia Tech to access 100% accurate data regarding the facility–information that can be used in future planning, creating a 3D model for BIM purposes, and even determining how to move large equipment or materials in and out of the building.

In less than 12 months, HKS Architects and WM Jordan, along with Draper Aden Associates, broke ground and completed the soaring, state-of-the-art practice facility. With over 92,000 square feet of turf, and a ceiling more than 100 feet tall, it’s the largest practice facility of its kind and is one that will allow not just the Hokies football team to practice in all kinds of weather, but also the school’s highly competitive soccer and lacrosse teams.

Just a few months ago, we offered a preview of the Virginia Tech Indoor Practice Facility. Now, with the facility complete and operational, it and the team’s coaches are ready for the pre-season practice beginning in August. As Tom Gabbabrd, Associate Director of Athletics for Internal Affairs, told WSLS in June, “The first day of practice when all these things are operational, and the lights are on, and Coach Beamer is in the middle of the field meeting with his team for the first time, I can’t wait.”