27th Annual Virginia Water and Wastewater Rate Study

2015 Water Wastewater Report CoverThe 27th Annual Virginia Water and Wastewater Rate Study is now live!

This year’s study focused on items concerning wastewater treatment, including septage and high-strength waste. 43% of respondents indicated that truck-hauled waste was accepted at their facility, including septic tank, grease trap, and portable toilet waste. Out of the 115 respondents, 109 answered questions pertaining to high-strength waste, with 76% indicating that additional charges are levied for high-strength waste like biochemical oxygen deman, phosphorous, nitrogen, and chemical oxygen demand.

Concerning data from the control group of twenty water and wastewater providers who have participated for the past twenty years in our rate study, since 2014, this year saw a 2.2% (to $30.77) increase in the average water rate, a 2.6% (to $40.37) increase in the average wastewater rate, and an overall 2.4% increase of the average combined rate (to $71.14). Over the past ten years, the combined average water and wastewater rate has increased by 71.3%.

The 2015 Virginia Water and Wastewater Rate Study is available in PDF format or on our online dashboard.