26th Annual Virginia Water and Wastewater Rate Survey Released

On September 1, 2014, the 26th Annual Virginia Water and Wastewater Rate Survey was released on Draper Aden Associates’ website and in print format. Since 1989, Draper Aden Associates has compiled and analyzed water and wastewater use and rates data from localities across the state of Virginia, with this 2014 edition being the most comprehensive to-date.

According to this year’s control group data, both the average residential water and residential wastewater rate increased 6.3% from 2013. Additionally, over the past ten years, this control group’s 2014 Working Design copy.inddaverage water rate has risen 65% and the average wastewater rate has increased by 88%. This data, along with that of connection fees, capital recovery charges, and residential fixed charges helps water and wastewater providers in Virginia analyze and compare state-wide rates in order to set their own for the coming years. Water and wastewater providers face a variety of economic challenges in recovering existing and future costs of operation—this free tool is a useful aid for their decision making processes.

This year, all data and analysis can be found online at Draper Aden’s VA Water & Wastewater Rates page. On this page are downloadable PDF versions of the 2014 and past surveys along with our interactive Rates Dashboard. The dashboard tool, created in partnership with the Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, enables comparison of rates, characteristics, and fixed charges for all responding localities. With this tool, utility managers and local officials can analyze their rates against system characteristics and geography, all while accessing financial and management data at the same time.

For more information on the 2014 Annual Virginia Water and Wastewater Rate Report, please visit Draper Aden Associates or the Environmental Finance Center at UNC.